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Child Protection

The following collection of books is primarily designed for children to help protect and teach them about abuse, sexual exploitation, and abduction. This is an important set of books for parents and early childhood professionals as well as for young children.

IT’S MY BODY, by Lory Freeman $10.99
ISBN 978-0-943990-03-3; Ages 3-8; size 5.5 x 8.5; 32 pages

It’s MY Body has been written in order to help adults and preschool children talk about sexual abuse together in a way which minimizes embarrassment and fear, but emphasizes self-reliance and open communication. You will not find specific references and stories about sexual abuse in this book. Preschool children are not ready for detailed discussions of this issue. They are ready, however, to learn how their feelings can help them make decisions about sharing their bodies, and how to communicate those decisions to others. This kind of learning serves as a vital first step in the protection of children from sexual abuse. It’s MY Body introduces two “touching codes” which children can use to protect themselves when they’re uncomfortable. Popular with preschool teachers and pediatricians, who report children sometimes practice the protective phrases on siblings and dolls.



IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, by Judith Jance $7.99
ISBN 0-932091-03-2; Ages 5-9; Size 5.5 x 8.5; 30 pages

Designed for children who have been molested, it assures children that the molestation was not their fault and teaches sexual assault prevention.








LOVING TOUCHES by Lory Freeman $10.99
ISBN 0-943990-20-3; Ages 3-7; Size 5.5. x8.5; 32 pages

Loving touches are necessary to healthy living. This book informs about appropriate touch; shows ways to ask for and give loving touches; and teaches respect for other’s bodies.











ISBN 0-943990-06-8; Ages 1-12; Size 5.5 x 8.5; 64 pages

Accompanies IT’S MY BODY, this book presents clear steps parents can follow to teach a child to trust uncomfortable feelings; resists uncomfortable touch; and speak out.










SAFETY ZONE by Linda Meyer $8.99
ISBN 0-9603516-7-1; Ages 4-10; Size 5.5 x 8.5; 36 pages

This book is designed to be read to children or by children. It teaches child abduction prevention skills. An adult section is included.











ISBN 978-1-884734-65-6; Ages 1-12; Size 5.5 x 8.5; 40 pages

How can kids understand—and cope—when their parents fight? Based on a true story, this 32-page book shows a child seeking, and finally obtaining, help in a domestic violence situation. Written so that it can be used with both the very young, and the school-age child, Something Is Wrong at My House provides brief text with illustrations on one page of each two-page spread, and more detailed information on the facing page. Ideal for use by school nurses, counselors, social workers and teachers, and by therapists, and the staff in shelters.


Recommended by the Minnesota Center against Violence and Abuse and the Polly Klaas Foundation.





SOMETHING HAPPENED AND I’M AFRAID TO TELL: A book for Young Victims of Abuse, by Patricia Kehoe, Ph.D. $10.99
ISBN 0-943990-28-9; Ages 3-7; Size 5.5 x 8.5; 32 pages

This book portrays a young abused child trying to understand what happened. Through a friendly adult, the child-victim is able to discover ways to talk about abuse and recover some self-esteem. The book encourages children to tell caring grownups about abuse; to see that abuse is not their fault; and to see that love does not have to hurt.









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